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Trophy Pictures

I was hoping to put this under the tips section. But right after I sent it in I noticed someone else had made a simular (but less amusing) post about the same thing.


Everyone has different ideas about trophy pictures. Looks around and you will see "long armers", "set behinders", "big cheesers", and "blood covered brutes".  I have a few tips to keep your trophy pictures from being laughers or worse yet just plain gross.

#1 Clean it up. Try to avoid bullet holes, gut pile, mass amounts of blood, and the tongue sticking out. You don't want your big buck to look like a angry 1st grader with his tongue out or a MMA fighter during the 3 round.

#2 Long arming and sitting 10' behind your animal are fine, just make sure you take some pictures that show the real size of the animal. Years from now you will enjoy those better than the corny pictures of a 10 foot long trout you caught. Oh wait he was really only 10 inches.

#3 Down Fido. Keep your pets out of the picture. They usually only cause trouble. In the best case they are a distraction. Worse case, the are licking your deer, elk , or antelope someplace he doesn't need to be licked.

#4 This is my most practical piece of advise. After a cold weather hunt, when you get ready for a few pictures, lose your heavy coat for a few minutes. Nothing makes a fish or animal look small more that a 150 pound guy wearing 18 layers of clothes. It  makes a BIG animal look much smaller when you look much bigger than you normally would.


Try these tips out and post all your pictures for us to see !

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good advice and a funny pic

good advice and a funny pic

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