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Here is an oppitunity to hunt top quality trophy stags in Australia at minimal costs. This is not a safari company. We are trophy hunters and part time taxidermist who love deer hunting and can offer keen people a fantastic hunt with guaranteed oppitunities at big stags.

6 FULL DAYS trophy deer hunting in South Australia on a large cattle station, possibly the worlds best private deer hunting location.HUNT for RED, RUSA, CHITAL (axis), FALLOW, SAMBAR, WAPITI and others. This is not a small hunting area of 10 or 20 thousand acres. This place is huge with 100s of thousands of acres to hunt with deer spread to every corner and beyond and are virtual free range . High perimeter fence. Also lots out free range.

Hunting to take place May June July August 2007. This time of year is usually quiet and all species have antlers. Last minute bookings often available these months.

Hunting is fully guided and includes all caping and antler prep and meat prep. Hunt from comfortable 4x4. We are friendly, helpful and easygoing.

Accommodation is right in the hunting area, is included in the price and is very basic shearers quarters but comfortable with hot shower, generator power and great atmosphere (see pic). Food, drinks, snacks, beer are supplied or bring your own if you want to. You can see deer right at the quarters. Sight your rifle here 2.

Firearms supplied or bring your own. Min recommended caliber .270 with premium ammo and variable scope as shots can be quite long. A bipod is also useful here. No one wants to miss or lose a trophy of a lifetime.

Temperature at this time of year 2—18c, not all that cold but can get quite chilly at times and at night so warm clothes are the go as is a rain coat or wet weather gear and a pair of comfy walking/hunting boots or 2. You will also need sleeping gear (i.e. sleeping bag or similar and pillow), toiletries, camera and lots of film or memory (expect to take heaps of photos) and binoculars. 8 or 10 power binos are good Note (sleeping gear can be supplied on request). US only. Mobile phones work at certain spots on the station (sometimes).

Landscape consists of rolling pasture, low lying hills studded with clumps of trees and scrub, vast flat swamp land, sand hills with clumps of scrub and trees and areas of impenetrable bush, with deer over all of it.

A typical 6 days hunting

Day 1 Leave camp at first light for a good look about, driving the tracks of the properties scouting and glassing for big stags.

Day 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 Leave camp before light to be in position at first light for stags spotted the previous days. Hunting carries on all day, every day. Hunting is mostly from the vehicle. When a good stag is spotted a stalk is planned for a closer look. As much hunting from the vehicle or on foot as you like. Almost anyone can physically handle this type of hunting so you don’t have to be super fit to be successful and enjoy yourself. We take food and drinks out with us so we can eat when we like.

This property is huge,( you wont see it all ), expect to see up to 1000 deer or more a day so its never boring with always something different to see. If you bag the trophies that you’re after early, time can be spent fox and rabbit hunting or stalk some deer and water buffalo for video or photos. Kangaroos and emus are abundant as is the bird life, all of which can be seen whilst hunting.

Last night & next morning Clean up, pack trophies and leave.

A great way to spend a week. Ive hunted here the last 4 years and are always successful. The most easy going and fun hunt you could have. If you like seeing lots of deer you’re going to love this place.

While the hunting is fully guided you still have full input as to where, how, when and what you hunt. You can take as many deer as you like, then pay trophy fees at hunts end. You may increase or decrease the amount of hunting days to suit yourself. Allowing 3 days per species for a very good trophy is about normal, but sometimes 2 top trophies can be taken in just 1 day. You never know.

While all care is taken no responsibility can be taken for loss or damage or injury of equipment or self while traveling or hunting. By booking you agree to these terms.

Be sure before you bid or book, cancellations lose deposit, if less than 3 months to hunt date. Or can re-book another agreed date, usually without loss.

PRICE LIST ( for overseas hunters US dollars,) )FOR 6 FULL DAYS HUNTING

1hunter x 1 guide $1850

1 observer with above $650 ( or father / son or daughter deal )

2 hunters x 1guide $1490 per hunter

2 hunters x 2 guides $1850 per hunter

$385 deposit is required to secure a booking for

1 hunter x 1 guide,

1 hunter, 1 observer x 1 guide

2 hunters x 1 guide.

$770 deposit is required to secure a booking for 2 hunters x 2 guides

deposit to be received at least 3 months prior to hunt date, or asap if booking a last minute hunt.

50% of hunt cost (less deposit) required 1 month prior to hunt date. Remaining 50% payable on arrival.

Trophy fees paid at hunts end.

TROPHY FEES NOT INCLUDED T.F. start at us$321.

Pick up and drop off Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania by arrangement.

Contact me for any questions or email [email protected] for photos etc.

Good hunting.

TROPHY FEE LIST at time of writing. Fees in us dollars can fluctuate slightly with the exchange rate. Au dollars stay the same.

FALLOW STAG --- under 200 Douglas Score au$440 us$321

FALLOW STAG --- over 200 Douglas Score au$880 us$642

Fallow have been here 100 years and are a real challenge. Red, menil, white and black ones are all over the property and really big ones are often seen but hard to get near. Expect to see lots of them. You will see mobs of fallow that number 2-3 hundred animals. Many of Australia’s biggest fallow are taken here. If you want to hunt fallow this is the place..

RUSA STAG --- au$1100 us$800

The rusa here make for an awesome hunt. Big heavy pearled antlers of 28”—34” would be expected. Big rusa stags are good at disappearing. Be prepared to do a lot of miles for a top rusa.

CHITAL STAG (axis) --- au$1210 us$882

Magnificent looking deer. Very flighty and challenging. Expect to see lots of chital. Antlers about 28” to over 30” are there if we can find them.

RED STAG --- 12 points or less and under 40” long au$1320 us$962.

RED STAG --- 12 points or more and or over 40” long au$1650 us$1203

Red stags here are world class deer and some are huge. Expect to shoot at least a 12 pointer at least 35” long with many around 40” and more, with 14, 15, 16, 17 pointers about. The amount and quality of the red stags will amaze you..

RED STAG/ ELK CROSS T.F. as for red stag

These animals are very impressive . great looking antlers around 40”. Not all that common, but usually a really nice 1 or 2 are seen over the coarse of a hunt. Anyone that shoots one of these will smile for a week.

SAMBAR STAG --- au$2200 us $1605

Big sambar are very elusive and hide out in the thicker bush. Some around 30” have been taken. Best stalked around thick bush areas early and late..

WAPITI (ELK) au$2750 us$2065

WATER BUFFALO --- au$3000 us$2550

The big bulls are loners and can turn up anywhere

WILD GOATS under 30 inches wide au$250 us$188

WILD GOATS over 30 inches au$500 us$376

There’s nothing quite like a day in the hills hunting goats. Can be hard to find and difficult to get close to. An inexpensive days hunting when time permits. Make great looking trophies. All colors


. Foxes and rabbits are abundant and can be shot anytime.

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