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Treestands - Frozen Water


We are getting our first major winter weather of the year here in SC and I just wanted to remind everyone about the dangers of freezing water in tree stand tubes...

I  pulled some stands this week and put them in the barn... one of the metal tubes on one of the stands had collected rain water and it froze - causing a rupture in the tube.

This can seriously created a failed tree stand scenario.

If the stand is designed (I should say mis-designed) so that any of the tubes can collect water, a small hole should be drilled in the tube to allow any water to escape - 1/8" is suifficient for the hole.

I have seen this in many stands over the years - please beware!


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Very good advice Jim.  I

Very good advice Jim.  I hadn't actually thought of this happening.

Wouldn't want to step on a rung 18' up that has been cracked by frozen water.... Yikes!

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good reminder

I too, have never considered that scernario ::huh:  I'll have to make a point of giving the legs and steps a one-over from now on, even if it takes a little flashlight waving!:yes:  

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