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Trail Cams

Just curious if anyone sets up trail cams on public land in their hunting units?  It seems like it would be a great tool to get an idea of what is out there, but can big a big loss if someone runs off with your $250 camera because they spotted it on a tree. 

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That can happen, it's a risk

That can happen, it's a risk you take.  I have had friends have theirs taken here in So Cal, and I actually bought one for my Dad last month.  He had it out 4 days in Vermont, went out to check it for the first time, and it was gone.

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don't set them up where some

don't set them up where some one hiking would see the camera or see the flash.  you have to be very secretive on where you put them on public land. you can also buy locks for them.  I have been lucky and have only had one screwed with.  they left the camera there and i saw who it was and went and confronted the teenagers.  IT was pretty funny interrupting the teen sex in the tent.



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One other thing to consider

One other thing to consider is that the BLM is picking them up and considering them abandoned private property.  If you look at the law if it is left more than 72 hours they can take it.  This has happened to two friends in Utah but they left notes on where the cameras were at if they wanted to try and get them back.  I'm not sure of the forest service policy on it. 

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Good point made by critter. I

Good point made by critter. I need to check to see if we have that law on the books.

I wouldn't put out a camera on public land if it wasn't an IR camera. No flash involved so it's more difficult to locate than a flash camera when it takes pics. Some lock boxes are out there but if someone wants the camera, they'll come back with a pry bar.

Funny thing is I've had more trouble with people messing with my cameras on private property than public lands. Go figure Confused

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