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Trail Cameras Needed

Good morning Folks!

I need two trail cameras to put on a new deer lease - I want to see some of the deer on the property but more importantly, I want to see if any of the decent bucks on the farm made it through the hunting season.

The people that have the lease this year knew they were not going to have it for 2011 - so my assumption is that they did not exercise a lot of trigger control this season....

I want to purchase two cameras and have them in place right aftger New Years Day - I will put them out 2 Jan 2011.

I probably do want IR but can not spend a fortune on them - I would like to keep them around $100.00 each.

Any thoughts or recommendations on which unit to purchase?

Battery life is going to be important - these units may only get checked every two weeks or so....




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From my experience with

From my experience with cameras, which has been quite a few, my favorite performing cams are Bushnells Trophy cam and Cudde's Capture.  Both run closer to $2oo range but very worth it.  Great battery life, very fast trigger speed, and good pictures.  Really love the Bushnells size + I have an inside connection to a nearly 50% discount. 

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Jim, the Sportsmans guide had

Jim, the Sportsmans guide had the Moultrir IR cameras for just over $100, but that was in the last month or so. I don't know if they still have them available after everyone shopped for Christmas. If they don't have them, you could try Ebay. Midway USA also had a sell on them earlier in the year also. The moultrie camera I have has an excellent battery life as my camera has operated for 3 months without changing the batteries. I have been real pleased with their operation.
They are very economical cameras compared to the other cameras out there, some of which I wouldn't have if you paid me. But other people like them so they stay in business. The cuddebacks are nice cameras but very expensive for my taste. Good luck in your search.

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You might want to check out

You might want to check out BassPro.  I saw a advertisement last night on TV and they had one for $50.00 but looking at the on line catalog the cheapest is $80.00


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The IR's have come down a bit

The IR's have come down a bit since they came out,ir at nite and flash if needed durin day.I got one made by Remington for less than a hundred from Dicks.Then i pick'd one up at Gander (Moultrie) for a lil over a hundred,only cause i bought a two plan with it.Said i could run it over with my truck an bring it back.How you set it up will have an affect on battery life,still shot's,multi shot's,vidieo,etc...Also set it up where it's not in dirrection of sun go'n up or down,and not shoot'n across a trail rather up or down the way trail is go'n.What i do is get on knee's and put at my face height on tree...

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There are alot of great deals

There are alot of great deals out there Jim, especially after Christmas.

Check out Dick's , Cabelas, and Bass Pro.  Lot's of good units to be had for under $100.

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