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Trade Maryland Hunt for Whitetail Deer or Canadian Geese

Willing to trade a whitetail deer hunt on my farms in Kent County, Maryland for a hunt for just about anything. The Eastern U.S. would be my first choice . After that just about anywhere would be considered. I have hunted in the U.S.,Canada,South America, and Africa. My wife is a avid bowhunter having hunted elsewhere in the U.S., Canada and Africa. She invites ladies she meets on various ladies only hunts to come to Maryland to hunt with her. So by all means, ladies are included in the invitation also. What have you? For my wifes benefit, a black bear hunt would be her first choice. Got to take care the Boss first. Husband/Wife teams are also considered for this trade. I also have ponds and wildlife plantings for Canadian Geese. Willing to trade Goose Hunting for the hunt you have to offer also. My wife got a fabulous nine point buck with her bow this year and my hunters have taken a huge ten point, two eight points, one seven point and and too many does to count. If you use a rifle/shotgun, muzzleloader, and a bow, you are allowed six bucks and thirty does.Three counties on the western shore of Maryland have unlimited does with a bow.