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Tracking Dog

I am looking for a good deer tracking dog. Not one for chasing deer, but if I wound a deer and can't find it, something that I can put on its trail. I was thinking beagle, or blue tick. Maybe a cross breed of a beagle & bloodhound. I had a guy bring out 2 Springer Spaniels. For deer? ok. Does anybody have a favorite type dog for tracking & trailing deer?

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not much experience

I don't know what type would be best for tracking but I know that any dog is better than no dog at all. 

We have scottish terriers.  They are simply not tracking dogs in any traditional setting. 

But when my son shot a squirrel that I saw fall from the tree and neither one of us could find, I called the dog over and she went to sniffing.

Within 5 minutes, she was standing still wagging adn looking at us with a dead squirrel at her feet about 20 yards from where I had seen him fall.  The little bugger had enough left in him to run clean out of the area that my son and I had been searching. 

So by all means get a good tracking dog, but if you don't have a regular tracking breed, don't be afraid to try a non-traditional breed either. 

They might just surprise you.  I know mine did!


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If all I am looking to do is

If all I am looking to do is track a blood line, I use me wife's little corgi cross dog.  The dern thing wont retrive, or point or even move fast enough to flush, but she can follow a blood trail threw just about anything, and will sit and eat on anything she finds till you catch up and chase her off it.

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