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Tools of the Trade (Feature Article)

October 2004 Feature Article:

Tools of the Trade

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Tools of the Trade (Feature Article)

Not disputing the validity of anything mentioned - this just reminded me of a post from a few months ago on a Canadian fishing forum I'm active in:

"Do lure manufacturers manufacture lures to actually catch fish, or to catch fishermen?"

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Tools of the Trade (Feature Article)

I like the article. Whereas a newcomer to the sport should embibe ALL of an article such as this, even the more experienced can always glean a thing or two.

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Tools of the Trade (Feature Article)

this is a pretty good article. There are a couple items on the list I could do without, but by and large, the author covered all the bases well.

I could teach from this article. That's a pretty good assessment.

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Tools of the Trade (Feature Article)

The only thing missing is the kitchen sink. He's right about packing al the gear for the trip. But it sounds like he put it all on at once lol I usually stock my deer stand the day before I go out so the only thing I carry out is my rifle
Stock: Blanket,knife,watch,notebook,folding chair.cushion,lighter,extra ammo,gloves,small heater,snacks,and keep it in a cooler (watertight) My stand is pretty big so I can get it all in there

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Tools of the Trade (Feature Article)

I agree, the author hit the nail on the head with much of the gear. I use many of the same models/brands and have no complaints. The only thing I have to offer in addition is that I prefer to use a thin down vest to keep core temp up in place of 1 or all 3 layers of fleece, depending on the weather of course. It's light and crushes down into almost nothing for stuffing into your pack. Oh, and the Starkist Tuna Creations (hickory smoked is my favorite) pack easy for the lunch section and have some more stick to you in them. Great article.

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Tools of the Trade (Feature Article)

Good article. Well written and lots of useful information.

I'll only disagree on one point. His first-aid kit doesn't seem to include anything in case of a serious injury. Now, we all try to be careful all the time, but plenty of hunters every year end up shooting themselves in the foot, getting a really bad cut while field dressing their animals, or just gouging themselves badly on a rock or stick. So, in addition to his list, I would add one of the military-style compression bandages for those injuries where a band-aid just won't do. These are extremely compact and lightweight, but excellent for stopping serious bleeding.

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Tools of the Trade (Feature Article)

Well written and very useful info. Though I know everyone's internal thermometer is different, if I wore that many layers in the tempertures you listed I'd overheat and be sweating profusely. I find while moving to and from a hunting area that even in tempertures of 20's and 30's I'm comfortable removing my two winter camo outter layers and wearing only my olive drab polyprop zip neck base layer layered under a longsleeve camo crew neck t-shirt, and fleece pants or heavy weigth polyester long underwear under my camo hunting pants. Generally as long as I have on a good warm wool hat, ragg wool gloves, and good footwear I can get away with this setup while on the move, as long as the elements are calm. Stitting stationary in these tempertures, or when the weather kicks up - well I usually bundle back up.