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Time for some new iron

eye roll I am going to buy a new deer rifle in a couple of weeks and wanted to get some opinions. I have my choices narrowed down to the Ruger M77 MkII Standard and the Browning A-bolt Hunter. I am leaning toward the Browning, mainly because I don't currently own one and I already have a Ruger. I just want to know if anyone out there has these two rifles or if they have done a side by side comparison of them and what they think of each rifle. I would like to have a tack driver so accuracy is very important. I am going to get the rifle chambered in a standard short action caliber, probably 7MM-08 or .308. Thanks for any suggestions.


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Time for some new iron

Well, if you want tackdriver accuracy, you need stability. You don't any little model Seven's or other lightweight guns, you want some extra weight. I'd say 8.5 lbs should be your target weight for your rifle once it has a good variable power scope mounted on it. A 7mm-08 or 308 either/or would make an excellent caliber choice, moderate recoil, good energy,speed, and trajectory. Also, try out different ammo, and if handload, try different loads and bullets in your rifle to find the one that is most accurate. Test from natural hunting positions.

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Time for some new iron

I've got a Stainless A-bolt in 260. It handles and shoots great. I think it may have an accuracy edge over the Ruger. I own a Ruger MKII in .280, and I like it too, but the Browning gets the edge. Mine's stainless, so it's a little heavier. The hunter and medallion models are lighter, as is the composite stalker. The shorter bolt throw is nice, and the bolt is smoother. Go pick one up and see how it feels. The Browning also can have the BOSS on it, which can make it even more accurate. You'll be pleased with the quality Browning puts into their guns. My experiences with Browning (BLR, two A-Bolts, BAR) have all been very good. You won't be disappointed.