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Timbertall Treestands

For 16 years the name Timbertall has been synonymous with the best climbing tree stands in the industry, with features like an all welded aircraft aluminum construction, a patent that blankets the industry with invention and innovation.  While other tree stand companies years ago were making their tree stands out of steel and weighing 25 to 30 lbs, we made ours out of aircraft aluminum and crused the competition with weights of 12 to 14 lbs.  While others years ago were using steel bars to support the weight around the rear of the tree, we designed the cable system for around the tree, and now it seems like everyone wants to use the cable system, (imagine that)!  While others were research and copying, Timbertall was inventing and innovating.  We claim and own the rights to numerous, and to many to mention, claims in the tree stand industry, like the cable system, PVC cable coating, sling seating, just to name a few.  Let’s not forget about the geometric, trigonomic design that works with the flow of gravity.  While others are fighting gravity with teeth and sharp objects that grab the tree, Timbertall is using gravity to keep you safe in the tree, no matter what the circumstance may be.  Now that’s what you call true innovation, others want to fight  gravity, Timbertall uses gravity to keep or customers safe in the tree, remember adding sharp teeth is easy, but not totally safe, adding geometry is not only safe but truly innovative!

Perhaps we may not want to forget the fact that, Timbertall, over a decade ago was the one who developed a way to ingeniously self-level your climbing tree stand without having to disconnect anything and added that to one of our many patented claims in the industry.  I guess we should talk next about how so many others have chosen it to be for their customers best interest to manufacturer their tree stands in China, surely it is best to hang you, the customer, fifteen feet up a tree knowing that the tree stand your hanging in was manufactured by an adolescent working for pennies a day.  Please ask yourself how much care for you as an individual or customer that can be.  All that does is satisfy everyone financially from the manufacturer to the dealer, and puts hard working American people out of jobs, and let’s not forget this is your life we are talking about when you are hanging fifteen feet in a tree.  At Timbertall we care about and love our customers and we show it by using only the best grade materials possible all made in our God blessed country of the USA, manufactured by hard working American people right here in Middleburg, Pennsylvania.  We haven’t been in business for 16 years by accident; we are here because we care about our customers, our brothers, and our sisters.  Ask others what their warranty is or if they will refurbish your tree stand for free after a few years of use at no charge to you.  Timbertalls warranty is lifetime and we will refurbish your stand after a few years of use and no charge to you.  That’s what we here at Timbertall call caring and loving our customer and second to none customer service. 

Timbertall has been the leader in tree stand technology from the moment we stepped foot in this industry, we will continue to lead because we honestly, truly care about our customers.  So go with the leader, the innovator, buy Timbertall Products, the leader in tree stand technology. 

We truly believe that you will find that all of our tree stands will fulfill all of your needs and desires you may have in the deer woods.  Features and benefits that you have always dreamed about in you tree stand such as:  

 Extremely lightweight – Two piece climbers as low as 11 lbs. 

Quick and easy set up – Only seconds to set up even in the dark. 

Quick and easy tear down – Our climbers should be off the tree and on your back in just 45 seconds or less.

 Extremely quiet set up and tear down – So quiet to use you can set up and tear down with deer in your presence, awesome product to move quietly to different locations.

 Extremely comfortable – So comfortable you can sit all day, keeps movement to a minimal, and gives you the staying power to wait out your trophy buck.

 Climbs on anything and will NOT slip on trees – Due to the second to none, industries most innovative design, our tree stands are geometrically designed so they are extremely solid and stable in the tree.  You can move side to side on our platform and it will NOT shift like other climbers on the market.  We are sure you will agree that this stand will be the easiest tree stand to climb that you have ever used.  You do NOT have to fight ours up and down a tree like so many others with a less innovative design, it truly almost works itself, just lift your feet and watch it climb.   Your feet just go along the inner side rails, so there are no straps to contend with like the less innovative stands on the market.  You are going to love the Timbertalls ability to climb. 

Unbelievable backpacking abilities - First keep in mind it weighs almost nothing and because of its extremely lightweight design, backpacking is a breeze.  Second there is nothing above your head or wider than your shoulders when backpacking so therefore it is not grabbing branches and debris above your head or next to you when carrying your Timbertall.  Plus there is nothing below your butt so therefore you will not be kicking it every time you step over a log like the less innovative tree stands on the market today, your Timbertall will truly be your quiet compact hunting best friend in the woods. 

Self-leveling adjustability – Timbertalls famous self-leveling adjustment system that allows us the user to self-level and adjust simply and safely while your fifteen feet up a tree by just simply turning a knob, the platform levels easily by just turning the knob with the bottom of your left foot.  No more having to sit at an unsafe or uncomfortable angle while you are in a tree with a Timbertall, all 7 ½ inches of adjustment is done in a matter of seconds. 

                While others are making tree stands to fulfill some of your needs and desires, Timbertall is making tree stands to fulfill all of your needs and desires.  We here at Timbertall know what it is like to have a tree stand that is either to heavy, to noisy, to cumbersome, too hard to set up and take down, or so big on your back that it feels like you are carrying your ATV through the woods, all while you are kicking the bottom of it every time you take a step or possibly grabbing every branch  above your head because it sticks a foot or more above you , or when we need to be quiet while walking to your spot, but your tree stand can’t be.  Here at Timbertall we understand all your needs and desires and take them to heart with all of our products, that’s why here at Timbertall we won’t settle for less when it comes to yours and our needs and desires.  Here at Timbertall we do NOT research and copy like others do, Timbertall researches, develops, designs, innovates, and leads in our industry so that we here at Timbertall  can provide you with products that give you what you need and desire in that product.  So make a list of all the things you need in your tree stand and put Timbertall on your list to fulfill them.  

Please visit our website for more information.  



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