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Watch them ticks...they seem to be out of control here in PA...I never really had a problem with ticks...today when I got in from scouting I had three in my leg and caught about four on my clothing...those suckers are ruthless.....that will teach me to put the bug spray on instead of letting it sit in the truck! Brick Wall,)

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That bug spray is a must this time of year! Had a buddy get lyme disease couple years ago while turkey hunting. Messed him up pretty bad , missed most of the season.

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Ticks arn't all that bad in my area, but they hate red cedar, sometimes called aromatic cedar.
I use red cedar shavings for the kennel & dog house. Very pleasant smell and never found a flea or tick on the pooch.

As for me, " Can't beat the Deet"

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I found five on me that day too. I found 2 deer ticks on me today.

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I've been hunting in Albany County NY for the past 4 years and have had so many ticks on me I cant even count. Bug spray never worked. I actually contracted Lyme Disease 3 years ago. Scary but worked out for the best. I took antibiotics and it worked. I routinely check my entire body after each hunt. Its very important to keep an eye out for those little guys.

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