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The threat!!

I just had to share this with you all. This past year I was fortuneate enough to meet and make a new friend in Paul aka Elknut at the Sportsman's Expo in Salt Lake City. He's not a member of this forum but some of you may have seen him on others.

While we were discussing elk hunting tactics he told me that he made some elk hunting DVD's. We were discussing tactics like how to get a herd bull away from his cows. And that's when I heard about "the threat."

He said once while out in the field that he witnessed a scene rarely seen by elk hunters. He witnessed a younger bull literally try and steal a cow from a bigger bulls harem by using his antlers to "drag" her off. He said the cow had fed over a little knoll just out of sight of the herd bull when this happened.

He described to me the sounds the bull made and the sounds the cow made and told me how this just drove the herd bull absolutely insane and sent him on a dead run to the cow.

He said he starting mimicking a similar scene while out in the field and had excellent repsonse from bulls. Basically when doing this he said the bull isn't making a lot of vocal sound, he's trying to be sneaky but he's exerting a lot of effort so he's huffing pretty good. He got out his grunt tube and huffed like an excited bull. The cow of course just has this desperate plea for help. Lots of rocks being kicked around, branches breaking that sort of thing. He told me how many a bull and been killed due to the threat.

Other guys have been using the threat for the last few years on other forums and I've never heard anyone do anything but rave about it. i haven't tried it yet but I'm excited to try it this year. Next weekend I'm headed out to a very excellent elk unit to take some pictures, do some calling, and try the threat. (Didn't draw the tag this year)

I'll let you guys know how it goes but I was very excited about the concept. It's different but that's what the elk seem to getting tougher to call so hey it's worth a shot.

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The threat!!

I know a group of hunters that use this tactic combined with 2 Montana decoy cow elk decoys,works forthem but it takes a few people to do it right.