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Thoughts on Poly-Choke?

I've searched the forums here, and on a couple other sites, but can't find any info on the adjustable Poly-Choke.

I just bought my first shotgun, a Remington Express 3" 12ga, and would like to get some feedback on this Poly-Choke before buying any other chokes for the gun.

Poly-Choke Website

I asked this question on another forum, and so far have got nothing but "Its ugly" comments. I'm not one for making things 'pretty'. As long as it functions as it should, it's well-made & reliable, and it doesn't get in the way, I like it.

If you have any experience with the Poly-Choke - Good, or Bad - please let me know. I'm pretty much just starting to get into hunting, and have had not one hand-me-down. So I can't be just throwing my money at something that might work.

Thanks in advance.

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Thoughts on Poly-Choke?

Welcome to the site. We used to call the Poly choke a potato on the barrel. The old cutts compensator was tolerated a bit more but not a lot. I don't care for adjustable or changeable tubes myself. The poloy choke threw the gun out of balance and may or may not have worked. But it was unsightly. The screw in chokes are a much better alternative but they do put a small noticeable buldge in the barrel. I understand that the Briley chokes are very thin wall and no bludge.

In reality tho a barrel with a modified choke will handle most of what you might do. If your going to consentrate on ducks, I'd go with a full choke. Phesants , chukars, huns and paraire grouse, modified, mountain grouse and quail, imp cyl.

A bad thing about poly type chokes is you never seem to think it's the right choke when birds get up, so ya mess with it. At some point most guys that had them learned to set them and leave them alone, I never got that thru my head till I started buying fixed choke guns.

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Thoughts on Poly-Choke?

Ugly yes
I had an old Ithica Mod 37 12 guage with one on it. Bought the gun with the PC already on it at an auction. It actually worked well and after a few shots at cardboard boxes I had it figgered out. I ended up getting caught up in the looks and sold the gun.

My dad put one on a Rem 1100 so he could open the choke a little for tossing steel at ducks then screw it back down chasing turkey around. Works just fine for what he is doing with it.

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