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Thirsty Bear

Maybe I should buy a case of beer instead of using honey!


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Thirsty Bear

Yeah lol, my sister showed me that!

LOL! A passed out bear!

I wonder what a dog would be like or any other wild animal, like a deer or raccoon, or an elk lol! lol

Elk probably couldn't stand up lol!

Keep falling down, and a deer would probably go hyper! running around everywhere and eventually running into a tree or something, and a raccoon would probably go nuts as well, maybe run around and jump up and down and digging in the trash for more beer lol! lol

Oh! that is funny though!

Thanks for sharing that! Big smile lol

god bless Big smile

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Thirsty Bear

12 gauge, How would a drunk fish act?

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Thirsty Bear

Headline : Canny bear disses busch

Anyway, this is actually the former labatt bear mascott. He has been taking his layoff pretty hard. Life hits new lows when your getting sloshed on pilfered rainier. He should be checked in before he hurts himself or somebody.

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Thirsty Bear


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