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Thing you hate

So i dont know too many people who actually like going to work, but what are some of the things you hate about your job, Most of what i do is outside and i hate working in the winter when its raining/snowing/freezing rain. I climb a ot of power poles and the weather really makes it suck. I live at the mouth of the columbia river gorge and we get 30-60mph wind pretty much all winter then mix in the winter weather and it make my life miserable for the 6 months of winter we get here.

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Politics, politics,

Politics, politics, politics.  I'll leave it at that....... Whistling

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I would say rhe one thing I

I would say rhe one thing I do not like about work is part of my schedule.  I aleternate nights and days all month long...so sleeping is tough sometimes, but with that said I do only work 14 days a month and I get a full week off every month....kinda like having a weeks vacation every month....really nice during hunting season.

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Love my job!  Havent see my

Love my job!  Havent see my boss in 3 years!  No one ever really know exacty where i am.  As long as I produce some reports end of each week they leave me alone.  Do have to travel alot but home every weekend and can work out of the house if i am not on the road.

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I love the job that I am

I love the job that I am currently working. Everything that I am working on is very interesting and there is not really a dull moment. I get to see all kinds of cool animals from across the state. During the week I have to do a fair amount of driving on the highways during rush hour and this can get pretty darn annoying though. I HATE driving in traffic. It is not only probably the worst part of my job but one of the things I hate most in life in general. I guess that is just part of living on the front range of Colorado. I know some of you (California!) have it way worse though. I would not make it out there in the really bad areas for a second. The other worst part is the fact that it has been hard to get time off for hunting. I planned on going on hunts pretty much all fall long; either for me or just helping out others that drew really good tags. That plan went down the drain with this job. I have been able to get out enough to harvest a buck mule deer and a doe pronghorn for the freezer though so I can not really complain.

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Back'n up...Hurry up an

Back'n up...Hurry up an STOP....Bust'n your ace to git job done for everybody,then when it come's time for a Nspection U cant git one cause sum desk jockey did'nt fill out and file the right paper's...Confused

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