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That's the way to die, I guess. But, be careful!!!

This was a guy not too far from where my Dad hunts.  My Dad is 63, almost the same age, and you often wonder about them dragging and such.




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truth be known

To be perfectly honest, I've mentioned more than once that that's exactly how I'd want to go myself. I am not saying I'm ready now, or will be at 63, or even 73. But if I pass from this earth after having the excitement of another harvest, I'll be OK with it. Heck, I've even been known to say I'd hope to have completed the field dressing so the animal wouln't be wasted if it took a while to locate me. (as was this case!)

My wife knows that I want to go on the trips I do and also that some have been very physically wearing on me. She understands that after family this is my passion. I can only say that my hope is to continue to be involved and not simply looking on as I grow older. My sons-in-law have already been warned about having to perhaps some day have to cart old Ed into the woods. They seem to understand.

Prayers to his friends and family, but personally I'm thinking the fella probably smiled as he drifted away.

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I have to agree with you 100%.

When I go away on a hunt I can't help but think that I might not make it home. 

But what a way to go!

Here is the article linked above:

"Missing hunter's body found in Calais next to dressed deer


Monday, December 6, 2010


CALAIS -- A hunter, who disappeared for more than 24 hours in Calais, was found dead in the woods Sunday morning, Vermont State Police said. 



 Scott Mackey, 61, of Calais was dropped off in North Calais at about 4:45 a.m. Saturday and was expected to meet up with the rest of his hunting party at about 11 a.m., police said. He never arrived, and state police were notified about 8:10 p.m., said Lt. Paul White, Middlesex barracks commander. 

 Troopers, state game wardens and search dogs combed the area without luck during the night in sub-freezing temperatures. Friends, neighbors and volunteer firefighters joined the search Sunday as the Calais town office was used as a command post. Mackey's body was found in late morning. A freshly killed and dressed deer was beside him leading police to think he may have died hauling out the deer. 

 An autopsy is planned in Burlington to confirm the cause of death, state police said."

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No Better Place

A fact that many people don't consider - or maybe they just choose to ignore - is that the death rate these days is alarmingly high.

It's 100 %!

In other words, people are born, they live and they die.

We have no choice about those three events.

Where we go after we die - that's where we have a choice.

As a pastor, I see people all the time who spend their last few years lying in a bed or home-bound from various diseases and physical ailments.

Given the choice (which none of us really have) I'd much rather be right where that guy was, lying in the woods beside a deer that I harvested.

Even if I hadn't seen a deer, it's still a better place than lying in a bed.

I'll be 67 next deer season - maybe it'll be my year, eh?

 One thing to think about: the more deer you drag each year, the better shape you'll be in - so drag lots of deer!  Thumbs up

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good advice!

Definitely good advice Jaybe.  Now as for dying in bed, that don't sound so bad either given the right circumstance ;)


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