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Terrorist attack at Brookfield Zoo over wolf killed by a zoo

I cannot believe these animal rights people; they have gone too far. A wolf at Brookfield Zoo, an 11-year-old northern gray named Cinnamon Bear, was shot and killed by a zoo police officer Nov. 12 to prevent the woman from suffering further injuries to her forearm. The woman hopped a 3 1/2-foot-high fence and reached through a second chain-link fence to pet the wolf, which was in its favorite sleeping corner at the time. Because of this shooting the director has received many threatening letters. But today he received a letter with white powder in it. Chicago’s Biohazard Response Teem was deployed with local and federal law enforcement. Add to the mix, every news team in Chicago was there. This country has enough problems with foreign terrorists. Now we have to deal with these animal rights groups. It’s time to change some laws. I don’t know what the powder was, but it was benign.

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Terrorist attack at Brookfield Zoo over wolf killed by a zoo

Here are some articles on it:

Zoo undecided on charges in wolf attack
FBI says sending envelope with white powder to zoo was act of terrorism

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