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Tennessee Big Game Grand Slam: Legally taking a Buck, Bear, Boar and Turkey all within the same season in Tennessee !!!

I am interested in reading the stories from anyone who has completed what I call the Tenn Big Game Grand Slam.  Others might call it something else.  Especially impressive if accomplished within the same season. It is a goal of mine to be able to accomplish that achievement.  I never will be able to afford the North American Grand Slam on a simple soldier's salary but its good to dream.  Even more important I want to accomplish it with family and friends. 

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I know it isn't Tn, but I

I know it isn't Tn, but I just missed that feat in NC. I harvested a buck, a boar and a turkey so far this year. I didn't get a bear during our one week season and I don't have any prospects for the next round of bear season starting tomorrow, so I guess I won't do it this year. Maybe next year I'll get ur done. Yes

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Congratulations on your successful season thus far! Who knows you may just end up plugging a nice bear after all. I hope you do! Yes