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TC Venture Review

I put the TC Venture 7mm mag together and put a Bushnell Elite 3200 4-12 x 40 AO scope on it. After I had it all setup and bore sighted I took it to the gun club to sight it in. Man what a shooter. The TC Venture didn't punish me because I purchased a 7mm mag. The recoil was very acceptable. The reason I purchased it was because all the research I had done indicated that it was a lot of rifle for the money and I am telling you that it shot superbly.It shot a MOA group at 100 yds and I didn't even try to beat that. The TC Venture has a 5R rifling, match grade crown and the bolt has a 60 degree lift, gives you lots of room under the scope when working the action. The cost of the TC Venture was less than $400 after factory rebate and I don't know where I could have purchased a better firearm that performs like this one for that kind of money. I would buy another one in a heart beat!! Big smile

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Welcome to the forum and

Welcome to the forum and thanks for a great review. I have looked at these rifles as being a great value but have not had the chance to fire one or known anyone else who has either. Your review gives a much better idea on how they perform other than just reading the adds.

Thanks again and make to sure to stop back and post some pictures or stories on how your season goes with it this year.

Just what type of animals will you be hunting with it anyway?

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T/C venture

Bought a venture ,308 win.,Nov 2011 hunted with it killed 2 deer .It is  very accurate,took only 5 shots to sight it in at 100 yds.The action is smooth.Hunted with a 788 Remington for many yrs.The venture is a step up as far as I am concerned.

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FYI all ventures are under

FYI all ventures are under recall by S&W, be sure to have yours checked out...

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