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Taxidermist Trouble

Use caution when working with CT Taxidermy in Portales, NM!

I got an antelope in Sept 09 just north of Clovis, NM and called around for a taxidermist to do up a shoulder mount for me.  This was my first experience with taxidermy and being fairly new to the area I selected CT Taxidermy solely based on the fact that he, Mr. Cody Guss, was available.  I took the head dress to Mr. Guss's home and paid 50% of the fee as a deposit.  I was informed it would take several months.  I left all of my contact information and expected that I would be notified upon completion.  Six or seven months had passed and I recieved notification that I would be moving out of the area so I started trying to contact Mr. Guss  to check on the status.  I left several messages on each of the answering machines associated with the business with no response.  I also returned to his home (same location as place of business) and twice again left my contact information, to which I still have not received a response.  Finally a week before moving from the area in June 10 I caught up with him and he said it was still in the works and would be finished up in a few weeks.  I again left my contact information and told him I would pay for shipping when it was complete.  Four more months have passed and again I have left phone messages with no response. 

I understand that there may have been issues during the taxidermy process, but I think if there were a courtesy call would have been fine.  I am very dissatisfied with this type of customer service and wanted to ensure my fellow hunters knew what to expect when dealing with CT Taxidermy. 

Has anyone else worked with CT Taxidermy, in Portales NM?  If so what was your experience?  How long does it usually take to mount an antelope? 

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well i cant speak for him, but i shot an antelope two months ago on augest 22nd and in a few days  it will be dry and ill be picking it up by wensday, i had a muley mount take about 7 months to get done before. sorry to hear about your bad experience with that taxidermist. 

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That sucks!

Sorry to hear about this!  Although the taxidermy could indeed be taking longer than you expected, the fact that Mr. Guss fails to communicate with you is unacceptable!  Taxidermy is a business that thrives on reputation and expands its clientele based on that reputation.  You should leave another message on his machine and let him know that you are asking around on hunting forums about his reputation.  Be careful of slandering a business on the boards though.

Good luck with your mount!  I can't imagine going though that.


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Any updates on your mount? 

Any updates on your mount? 

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I have never had anything

I have never had anything done by that guy but he sounds like a pretty bad businessman. That is not the type of service that you should be recieving when you put that much money down on something that means so much to you. I have only gotten one of my animals professionally mounted to date... my bear which I got a head and paw rug made. I always was able to get ahold of my taxidermest and he was always up front with me. There was also a hang up with my bear and at one point there was a question to where my bear even was. You can imagine how worried I was. But my taxidermest was in contact with me the whole time and he ended up doing a great job. I feel really bad for you because I know how that big question mark feels. I would not give up trying to contact him and I think I would even let him know that I would not be expecting to pay him the full amount that he wanted. As well, antelope mounts should take less time than other big game animals. I have heard that their hides are easier to work with and they are smaller. Keep us posted.

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