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A Taxidermist Goes South


A taxidermist Goes South

A taxidermist
is on vacation down south. He is feeling

a little thirsty and decides

to have a few drinks at the

nearest tavern. Upon entering the tavern,

the conversation

stops and all eyes turn to him.

Feeling a little uneasy,

he makes his way to the bar to

order a beer. The bartender serves him

and says, "Ya'll

ain't from 'round these parts, is ya?"

Guy: "No...I

am from Connecticut."

Bartender: "What is it you do up there in Connecticut?"

Guy: "Well, I am a taxidermist."

Bartender: "A taxidermist...Hey Al, you ever hear of a taxi-


Al: "No, never heard of it."

Bartender: "So Mr. Taxidermist, what is it you do exactly?"

Guy: "Well, I mount dead animals."

Bartender: "It's OK boys--he's one of us!".

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