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tall people climbing tree stands?

I am looking into buying two climbing treestands for next years deer season. I have tried several of my friends stands and they just aren't big enough to be comfortable. The front bar always seams to be where my kneecaps want to be. I am 6'6" 230 lbs. Any recommendations on tall people climbing tree stands?

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tall people climbing tree stands?

6'6" - 230 lbs.? Did you play for Roy? Why get in the tree - you ARE the tree lol
Sorry, I don't have much experience with climbers. I just bought one last season, and I can see where you would have a problem. I'm 5'11 and you're right there's not much room between the seat and bar. However , on mine the seat is removable, but a real pain to put back on. Really don't like dealing with that up in the tree. Good Luck!

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tall people climbing tree stands?


Doesn't matter how tall you are with these and they are the most comfortable, safest and sturdiest I have ever hunted from.

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