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Talk or Fish?

Two guys were out in a boat fishing. The fish didn't seem to be biting that day very well, and they were getting pretty frustrated.

One guy reached into his tackle box and pulled out a stick of dynamite, lit it and threw it into the water. A few seconds later, a huge waterspout erupted as the dynamite exploded several feet below the surface.

The guy rowed over to the spot and began scooping up fish that were floating on the water's surface.

The other guy was flabbergasted. "What in the world are you doing?", he said. "You've got to know that's against the law! What if the game warden would have heard that explosion? We'd probably both get a fine!"

For the next few minutes (as his partner continued to row around scooping up fish), he continued to scold him for stooping to such a low point of sportmanship to violate the law, etc, etc, etc.

Finally, his partner shrugged his shoulders and reached into his tackle box again. He pulled out another stick of dynamite, lit it and tossed it into the other guy's lap.

"Now", he said, "Are you gonna talk, or are you gonna fish?"


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