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Talk about a Freaky rack

Saw this one on another site, but nobody seems to have any information other than it was killed in missouri.  Anyone seen anything on it?

We had to laugh, cause it's mainly a CA forum where it was posted, and according to our regulations, the buck must have at least one fork in the upper 2/3 of the antler.  This buck barely qualifies, I guess, as we only see one fork... lol


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Medusa Buck!

I guess if I had shot it, I'd have it mounted and call it "The Medusa Buck" after the Greek mythological character that is always depicted with long, wild hair or writhing snakes ccoming from her hair.

That's a pretty unusual rack to be sure!


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That is an unusual rack for sure. 

There's plenty of antler there - definitely meets the New York State  requirement for at least three inches of antler to be a legal white tail buck here! 

Thanks for sharing the picture.