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Takoda's First Season

Well, took me long enough to get the new pup under the gun, but the week before opener I made it out to the Pawnee Grasslands and got the pups some runnin time and found a nice well for them to cool off in as well! Tako had nothing but excitment for the gun!

So my dork head forgot the camera the first day, but we limited out on a crowded SWA (where I never ran into another hunter the whole day cept going in and out ) ...and Tako's first bird retrieve was even a water retrieve! Went back out both Sunday and Mon with more great results. Tako got 2 by himself both Sat & Sun, and three for himself on Mon! I am so proud!

Here they are sneaking in some zzzz's as I worked them pretty good for some measly ol dove!

And a couple of his retrieves

And I picked out three for him to take a pic with! (Of course he stole more of Momma's bird than his own! )

P8254517.JPG1.07 MB
P8254518.JPG1.58 MB
P8254536.JPG1.15 MB
P9014557.JPG1.19 MB
P9014569.JPG1.46 MB
P9034570.JPG1.83 MB
P9034574.JPG1.53 MB
P9034580.JPG1.55 MB
P9034599.JPG878.79 KB
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That looks like it was a fun

That looks like it was a fun outing and a well deserved dip in the pool and a nap. I could of used him to find a couple of blue grouse that we shot this last Saturday but the 14 year old kid that I had with me did a pretty good job of retrieving.

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Nice looking dog! I wouldn't

Nice looking dog! I wouldn't chase birds without a dog anymore. 

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Very nice Dog Heavy!  Looks

Very nice Dog Heavy!  Looks like some fun times in your future..... Yes

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