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Take Nothing But The Meat

Has anyone boned out an animal without first gutting it? Had to do that with the bull elk I shot a couple of years ago. It died in the middle of a quarter acre chokecherry patch on a 30 percent grade. It wasn't even on the ground but was lying on the chokecherries. There was absolutely no way we (there were 4 of us) could even begin to drag it to a better place. Hell, there wasn't a better place within 300 yards. Took awhile but we ended up with nothing on the ground (so to speak) but the spine, rib cage, leg bones and the guts still in the body cavity. If I get lucky with my cow tag I'll try it again this year - hopefully on something approaching level ground. Would be interesting to here other experiences.

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i counldnt imagin havin to do that its hard enough tryin to walk threw them much less tryin to skinn and cut up a animal. sounds like i would be a pain in the a$$.

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Take Nothing But The Meat

I used to have a real neat video I saved of a guy showing how to do that with an Elk and not waste anything etc. Only problem is it is another computer that crashed some time ago sitting in the corner of the room here, LOL.

I wonder if I could find it again with a search?

I've only dragged an Elk out one time because my friend insisted for pictures etc. the next morning... I'm not doing it again, and that wasn't that steep either, ha ha.

Other than that time, we always take/pack them out in pieces. Sometimes I wonder how people have gotten them in the back of thier trucks whole like that. I must be weak... frown

Take care.

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The nice thing about boning

The nice thing about boning out the meat is that you don't have to carry the extra weight of the bones out. Makes a big difference & doesn't really add that much more time to the process. Boning it out on flat ground makes a big difference. That last one did funny things to a couple of discs.

I can't emagine dragging out on either, not without a game cart anyway. Several years ago in Colorado, we had a tent guest - a local hunter who stopped by to visit, share some scotch and some lies. He had killed a rag horn the day before & was out looking for a last chance black bear. He mentioned that he had called his son after he had shot the bull, told him to recruit some help & help Dad get the bull out. Said his son showed up with a few buddies from the high school wrestling team and the kids dragged the critter out. I kinda knew the area he had shot the bull so was thinking to myself "ya right, dragged it out!" Couple of evenings later I went into the area and came across the drag trail. Those knuckleheads literally dragged the bull back to the truck. Though a young quakie stand, up 200-300 yards af dense sagebrush, over downed trees; close to a half mile at least. I was in awe. Proved two things,(1) it pays to have a kid on the wrestling team and (2) that years wrestling team had to have gone undefeated.

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I have bonded out quite a few

I have bonded out quite a few elk do to the places I hunt and how far in I go. I have only not gutted one elk (my sister-in-law shot) due to being gut shot. It worked very well. The worst spot I boned one out in had fallen off of a cliff and the only thing holding him on the mountain was a Chapparal bush.

Here is where he landed.

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Never done it.  I always gut it first, then usually quarter it.  There are times I've had to bone out the meat to get it back to camp, but I generally don't like to do that.  I like to keep and use some of the bones for making stocks and gravy, etc.

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I've boned out a couple of

I've boned out a couple of elk but mostly I will clean it and then cut it up into 6-8 pieces to pack out.  Just remember that the more pieces that are exposed to the elements even in bags, the more chances to waist more meat. 

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There is the gutless method

There is the gutless method to remove all meat.  I choose to quater mt animals out and take the bone with meat easier to hang at camp and have less spoilage.

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