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tagged out in WY!!!!

Just got back from my first WY Antelope hunt.  I am addicted beyond repair!!!  We arrived at camp, set it up, and headed to Douglas to get some supplies- guns in the back of the truck, LOL. After leaving Douglas, we did a little scouting and found two nice bucks grazing on a micro sized piece of state trust land.  They looked good, and we decided to put the stalk on them.  Didnt even have on the hunting clothes- just threw on the orange hats and went.  Worked our way up on a butte over looking the bottom the bucks were feeding in. Lazed them at 208yds three times and checked the wind.  Good to go.  On the count of 3 me and my bud dropped the hammers on our rifles and scored our fist Lopes ever- and a double at that!!!  We were hooked right then and there!!

The next day, it was raining and windy, but we went out anyways.  My other friend wanted to see what was out there for him to shoot with his Muzzle loader.  We put the stalk on one and he missed at 225yds.  No biggie- go find another one.  We drove around for quite some time seeing nothing on public access but finally came across two nice bucks on a very small piece of BLM.  He managed to get within 100yds of it and sent the 245gr powerbelt into him. Last tag filled!!!

Spent the next day or so driving around looking at some nice antelope and mule deer.  Did some long range rock shooting with the rifles and had a good time.  The last day out there we went to a ranch and spent the better part of a day putting havoc on some prairie dog towns.  That is a freaking blast.

I would like to thank topgun 30-06 and everyone else that gave me input to get this all put together for a great first hunt.  Ill definately be returning..

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Nice tall bucks congrads

Nice tall bucks congrads

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Congratulations on your first

Congratulations on your first antelope!! Like you said hunting them is a blast and usually comes without all the strain and work that can be associated with a back country deer or elk hunting trip. We go to Wyoming every year now and look forward to the next year as soon as it's over. By the way those are some great looking goats, especially for your first ones ever as it can sometimes be tough to find good ones.

Congratulations again and I bet you'll find yourself coming back year after year now.

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Congratulations to all three on your first anteolpe.

Swift, that is a great story and two make that three great looking bucks. Congratulations to all three on your first anteolpe. What a great way to get your first two as a double. Have had that dream for me and my son for a long time but has never worked out yet. Next time maybe get a few doe tags to give you another day of hunting. The prairie dog hunt sounds like a blast too. Great hunt and pictures, thanks for sharing and good luck on future hunts. 

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Congrats on some great

Congrats on some great bucks.  I was able to fill one of my doe tags there in Wyoming before the snow moved in last weekend.  I just ned to get some pictures up.  Congrats on a fine hunt.

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good stuff there

Glad to see you getting creative and getting it done.  Muzzleloader is a good touch

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Some very nice goats there! 

Some very nice goats there!  Congrats on a nice hunt!

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Nice job

Nice job on 3 great antelope!  The double is awesome too!  My son (who is 12 and got to shoot his first antelope this year) and I did a double this year too!  Great times hunting together and not too many hunts make for so much fun.  

Great pics and story.  Thanks a bunch for letting all of us enjoy it with you.

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Beautiful Goats !

Congrats on some great speed goats ! Thumbs up

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