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April 27 09' OPENEING DAY
Made it out in the AM with my dad for Ontario's opener, first setup we had bird's sounding off all over the place. Did some soft purr's and tree yelp's to them while still on the roost with response's from all of them. Around 6:15 heard 2 do a flydown cackle and I started to get alittle more aggressive on the calling with the bird's answering everytime, we were setup about a hundred yrds from the road and watched a vehicle pull up 5 min's after they flewdown and get out and start to shake a gobble call as he was looking for bird's so he could TRESPASS. I was alittle P#@#*D but atleast he didn't waunder onto the property. Got aggressive again on the calling and had a young JAKE come right into my calling and let him have it at 20 yrds, but we still had bird's sounding off so didn't get up right away and started back into the calling to get dad a bird with 2 more jake's comming in strutting, NO clear shot because of 14 deer standing on the other side of them they walked away after playing with them for 15 min's. We made a move toward's the field where we hearing some gobbling and there were 2 toms and 4 jakes with 3 hen's out there dancing, got the hen's all fired up and had them comming in on a string with all the other bird's following but the hens spotted dad and went back the way they came taking them away. All they had to do was kepp walking and 15 yrds more and dad would have had his tom. Back at it in the AM for my 2'nd bird but now i'm after longbeards.

14 lbs
4" beard
1/8" spurs
April 29 09' and my first DOUBLE!!!
4 bird's hit the ground today.
my bird 19.12 lbs, 10 1/8" beard, 1" & 7/8" spurs
bud#1 24.10 lbs, 9" beard, 1 3/8" matching spurs
bud#2 24.6 lbs, 9" beard, 1" matching spurs
bud#3 14 lbs, 4" beard, nubs

My bird on the left and the 24.10 on the right

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Cool congrats I just filled my first tag on Saturday.

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Great looking birds Thumbs up
Good Work!

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Congrats, a good start to the season for ya. My buddy and I are heading out this weekend. Can't wait. Hopefully we get something so I can post it here.

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