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Tagged out with daughter!

Took my 5 yr. old daughter out this morning with me and the bow. We went a couple of days ago for her first time, and she did so good! It was a circus though with 4 toms and a couple of missed shots by me. We've practiced a few times, her hiding, being still/quiet, and she does a box call.

 So we went out at 6:00 today. Heard a gobbler not to far away and started out for it. Let me just say we are on private land that we know like the back of our hand, so I usually can call, then stalk. So we saw a hen up ahead,  then saw the tom come out after it. She had seen us, he hadn't, and she started up a hill, about 60 yrds ahead, with tom in tow, strutting, walking. We waited a few minutes, then when they were out of sight, went up after them. Saw him just starting down the other side, 30 yrds ahead. Some rock were between us, so he didn't see us, and anyway he was strutting after hen. So I put my daughter by a rock, and snuck around for a 40 yrd. bow shot pass through, right in back. He flapped and I went to get my daughter, but for got to look where he was going. But we found him just 15 yrds away, dropped. We were both excited. 8' beard, 3/4 spurs.

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Wow! Congrats on your turkey - and a huge congrats on taking your 5 year old daughter. I'm very impressed! Way to go dad!  Thumbs up

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Very cool

Great going withthe bow!  what state??

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Thanks guys. We're in

Thanks guys. We're in northern California.


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Sounds like a good time. I

Sounds like a good time. I finally get to get out on the last weekend of the season. Hopefully as I will be hunting along a creek and the drought in Texas.. Might be good. The birds will probably be somewhat wary though.

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That's cool.  Congrats!

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Wow that is cool.  I am gonna

Wow that is cool.  I am gonna take my little guy out with me this week sometime for an afternoon hunt and then maybe again this weekend ifm it  not as cold as it was last weekend.  I was so cold I do not think I coyuld have gotten the bow drawn back.

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Very nice! Congrats!  I have

Very nice!

Congrats!  I have a few years yet till my oldest will be hunting with me, but I cannot wait for that day!!!

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