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Does anyone have a swift premier scope. I was wondering if it would stand up to the recoil of a 300 weatherby mag ? thanks m-s

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I love Swift scopes. I currently have 4 of them, all of them being the Premier line. I have 3-9x40's on a 257 Roberts and a .270WSM. I have a 4-12x40 on a .270win. and a compact 4x32 on a 45-70. I have never had a single complaint about any of them. While the 45-70 has a good bit of recoil it won't quite compare to a 300wby but I wouldn't hesitate to to put one on it. I worked in a sporting goods store that was a full line Swift dealer and I never saw a swift have a problem because of recoil including sitting on top of .338 Ultra Mags and the .375H&H. All Swifts are crystle clear and in my opinion they are the best scope on the market for the money. I think as long as you use quality all steel mounts you shouldn't have anything to worry about.

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