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SW Kansas Mule Deer/Whitetail hunting tactics

Hello all,

I've moved to SW Kansas and have never hunted outside of an are with...TREES.

I've got 1 3/4 sections of CRP fields to hunt. The land has several crops including milo, corn, and wheat around it. There is a "creek" bed running through. The creek is more of a drainage than anything. There's a lot of thick short brush and weeds in the creek. There are two trees on the property. One is right in the middle of the creek. The other is in the middle of a CRP field and not very big. I'm considering putting a tree stand on the big tree in the creek. There's some well used game trails running along the creek with a lot of deer sign. I understand that stand hunting is not the prefered method in this area but with only this 1 3/4 section to hunt, and, being able to see most of it from the stand if I put a stand in the tree, I can glass from the stand and stock if needed.

Thoughts, comments, suggestions?



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Get high and glass

I don't know if you will be bow or rifle hunting or what but I would look for somewhere you can get high and see a large area. Most likely you will be looking for them to and from there bedding areas into those cultivated crops and they could be bedding in the crops as well.

Glass, glass, glass look for antler tips or watch for them to bed and then put on a stalk.

Portable pop up blinds are a good option to try set up in along a known travel corridor.

Good luck

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