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Survival Kits

This past weekend while examining the inventory of the survival kit I've always carried I really began to think just how important such a kit really is.  Sure I've carefully selected each item inside the kit, and have good reasons why I selected the items I have, and have always carried the kit faithfully in the outdoors even though I've never really had to use the kit in a survival situation.  I wondered just how many outdoors people/sportsman really carry such a kit with them.  I thought I'd just use this space to encourage the practice of carrying such a kit.  But I also encourage everyone to build or buy and carry such a kit tailored to your needs when you venture outdoors on land, air, or sea.  Listed are the contents of my kit for outdoor land use.  This is not by any means a perfect kit, but I put it together years ago from a list of things I thought would make several days of survival much easier if the unfortunate were to happen.  Your own needs may vary.  I have tested and am proficient with all the items listed. I also carry additional stuff like extra food, extra clothing, primary knife or multi-tool, primary flashlight, maps/compass, etc.


1. Stormproof matches and striker. 2. Swedish firesteel. 3. Tinder (vasaline coated cotton balls). 4. Space Blanket. 5. Plastic rain pancho. 6. Paracord type 550, 50ft. 7. Small 1AA LED flashlight. 8. Signal mirror, GI type. 9. Whistle, Fox 40 mini. 10. First Aid, assortment of bandages, gauze, anti-bacterial ointment, disinfectant, tweezers, moleskin, pain reliever, clotting agents. 11. small button compass. 12. Folding knife. 13. Mini sharpener. 14. Water purification tablets,non-iodine type. 15. extra AA battery. 16. Fishing tackle in a 35mm film canister. 17. Survival booklet. 18. carpet needles and dental floss (for repairs, sutures, etc). 19. Snare Wire. 20. International Distress signal codes, morse code, etc. 21. a couple small packets of instant coffee, tea, and crystal light mix, used for mental comfort. 


In conjunction I always have a GI type Canteen Cup, Spork, Esbit Pocket Stove and Esbit solid fuel tablets, and a windblocker made from a disposable aluminum pie crust pan rim, kept rolled up.  Useful so I can cook food or boil water.  I actually use the stove and cup often in the outdoors.



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