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Successful 2005 SD Antelope Hunt

After not drawing a tag (preference point) for my usual antelope unit, I applied for a left over tag in the NW part of the state. I had never hunted there, so my wife and I did a few scouting trips up north and found a pretty good spot 2.5 miles from the main roads. The area I chose was walk in and BLM land mixed, so chose to do the hike.
Opening morning of the second season, I parked at 5AM, then hiked the 2 1/2 miles in with my head lamp. Made it to the rise by sun up and waited for some light. At 7:15 the there was enough light to start looking. Right off I found a small herd of 30 antelope about 600 yards out. They were all bedded on a wide open, flat area with no easy access without being seen.
So, I sat on the rise behind the antelope in the photo, trying to stay warm and waiting to see what they would do. Finally, at 10:45, 3 1/2 hours later, three does started making their way toward the saddle near the rise I was on. After a little while they all started coming, the 25 does and the 5 bucks. When they got to the base of the rise/saddle, they all stood, waiting for the herd buck (buck in the photo) to bring up the rear and make sure all the does were accounted for. When he got to the herd and offered a good 150 yard shot, I took it. They took off, but he only made it 50 yards, before he tumbled over.
It was a perfect hunt, they didn't have any idea I was there, so weren't too skiddish, despite being the second season and already enduring a week of hunting pressure.
Just wanted to share my successful hunt with you all. Can't wait till next year!

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Successful 2005 SD Antelope Hunt

Nice goat,, congrats!!

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Successful 2005 SD Antelope Hunt

Very nice buck Thumbs up

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Successful 2005 SD Antelope Hunt

Welcome to the BGH forums!

Great lope! Congrats!! Big smile

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Successful 2005 SD Antelope Hunt

awesome.. Thumbs up I want to hunt an antelope one day

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Successful 2005 SD Antelope Hunt

That second season can be tough. I didn't draw my tag for the area I wanted to hunt so I got a double doe tag. I didn't go out until the second weekend thinking that it would be a piece of cake shooting two does, well they were educated by than and it was a tougher hunt than I thought. I finally got both of them though. I can't wait until this fall for a shot at a buck I should draw my area. I also bow hunt for them and that is a lot of fun.

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Successful 2005 SD Antelope Hunt

Nice one! Thumbs up

I also like the pose in the picture. Never seen one displayed like that before.

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Successful 2005 SD Antelope Hunt

Nice one!! Yes Thumbs up

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