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Stupid stuff

After reading about Ecubackpacker leaving his bow on his toolbox on the back of his truck, it got me wondering, how many of us have done stupid stuff with our equipment?  I heard quite a few stories of guys leaving their dogs at camp, leaving their guns leaning on the side of their trucks and taking off, and ... leaving the bow on top of the vehicle.

So...I'll go first (actually EBP already broke the ice)


I bought my first bow from Cabelas a long time ago and before I really knew I would love the sport.  It only took me one season to realize that the equipment I was using was not quite up to par.  The problem was, I didn't have the kind of spare change laying around that I could dump on a high-end bow.  So, I bought an old aluminum boat and fixed it up, tuned the engine and sold it for a profit.  I did that once again and finally had enough to get my "Cadillac" bow!  I bought a brand new Mathews Switchback in 2005 (if I remember correctly) and absolutely loved that bow.  I also spared no expense with the accessories. After all was said and done, I had a little over $1200 wrapped up.

Well, in January of 2007, I was to deploy to South America for a couple of months for a "humanitarian" mission.  The day before deployment I came down with the worst food poisoning you could imagine.  It took everything I had to just stand up for five minutes!  But, I had to pack!  I would get up and pack a few things, hit the bathroom, and then lay down for a while.  Finally, I had to get some stuff out of my hunting box in the garage.  In order to get to my hunting box, I have to take my bow off the hook it hangs from.  I took it off and placed it on top of my wife's van.  I got what I needed and then the bubbles in my gut hit hard so off I went to the little boy's room.  I ended up back on the bed and that's when my wife came in to check on me.  She asked if I needed anything and so I asked her to go get me some new t-shirts and socks.

About an hour later, she came upstairs and peeked her head in the room.  She asked again how I was doing and then looked at me and said that she had some bad news for me.  She asked, "Do you know what you left on my van?"  It was a good thing that my body was completely void of even the slightest substance because something would have come out of somewhere if it had not been the case.  I was sick on top of being sick!  It was like someone shot my dog!  I almost felt like crying! Apparently, when she turned onto the major street, the bow slid off and did a couple of end-over-ends.  The guy behind her swerved to miss it and pulled over and grabbed it for her.  The cams were bent, as well as the riser!  The only good thing that came out of it was that most of the attachments survived.

While I was on my deployment my wife took my mangled bow to a couple of shops to see if there was any way for it to be salvaged but no dice.

Luckily for me, I was in a no-tax zone for long enough to save a few dollars and after a few months of getting back, I was able to get another bow!

You can bet that this one has never seen the top of the van! lol


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Fortunately, (knocking on

Fortunately, (knocking on wood), I don't have an equipment story to share.  Your story about your bow punched me in the stomach - I felt your pain.

The closet I come is last year when we went antelope hunting.  We were to leave at 3 am and I was at my buddies house.  Just as we were getting ready to leave it hit me!!!  I left my tag at home.  Fortunately, I have a wonderful wife that met me half way and it didn't delay us much.  Great wife to get up at 3 am to bring me the tag.  (It really was her fault though because I had staged my stuff so I wouldn't forget it.  She can't stand clutter so she "filed" it).

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I once was goose hunting

I once was goose hunting in real bad snow storm.  I had leaned my back up shotgun againt the rear tire and after loading the truck and trailer with gear. For some reason I completly forgot all about the gun...until I got home.  I proceeded to hurry back out there as the snow was coming down pretty hard and did not want to drive over it in the snow.  I was lucky enough that I was able to see my tracks still ans was able tio drive up close to where it was and found it fairly easy.  Other than having to dry it out and clean it all was fine.

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