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stop for the night

We will be traveling from WI on our way to Craig, most likely coming through Cheyanne. Are there many places to stay for a night relatively inexpensive between Cheyanne and Craig? Not sure if we want to travel all the way to Steamboat Springs either. We would like to put on another hour or so past Cheyanne on our way to Craig. Also does a person need to have reservations to get into a place with hunting going on? Thanks.

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Just looking for a motel or

Just looking for a motel or do you need a place for horses?  I've spent a few nights in Laramie. It has a great fairground that I've turned the horses out in.  It's a college town, so there are a few motels for visiting parents etc.


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The Americinn on the east side of Larimie can't be beat. You will get a good nights rest and cont. breakfast. Plenty of room in the parking lot for trailers etc. This will get you an hour west of Cheyene. Like horse said room for the nags at the fairgrounds. I would suggest calling ahead for a res. better safe then sleeping in your truck.Thumbs up

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Am probably too late with

Am probably too late with this reply to help but here it is anyway. Rawlins is where our state prison is so there are several motels there. It is a small town and the prices are reasonable. After that, there's nothing from there to Craig except in Baggs which is right on the Colorado border. There are a few places to stay there but it might be hard to find a vacancy because of hunting season. Do a google search of those two towns and you should find a place to meet your needs. Good luck on your hunt.

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