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Still Hunting Again

You know how much I love still hunting, and it's all i've ever done. I'm not alone. Here's a famous man and hunter who agrees.



 No sportsman can ever feel much keener pleasure and self-satisfaction than when, after a successful stalk and good shot, he walks up to a grand elk lying dead in the cool shade of the great evergreens, and looks at the massive and yet finely moulded form, and at the mighty antlers which are to serve in the future as the trophy and proof of his successful skill. Still-hunting the elk on the mountains is as noble a kind of sport as can well be imagined; there is nothing more pleasant and enjoyable, and at the same time it demands that the hunter shall bring into play many manly qualities. There have been few days of my hunting life that were so full of unalloyed happiness as were those spent on the Bighorn range. From morning till night I was on foot, in cool, bracing air, now moving silently through the vast, melancholy pine forests, now treading the brink of high, rocky precipices, always amid the most grand and beautiful scenery; and always after as noble and lordly game as is to be found in the Western world.

Theodore Roosevelt

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I would agree, still hunting

I would agree, still hunting is a very enjoyable style of hunting when in pursuit of the "noble and lordy" elk.  I too have read this book by Teddy Roosevelt (Hunting Trips of Rancher, or something like that) many years ago and enjoyed it very much.  Teddy was my kind of President, wish we could come up with a candidate today that even began to reach the character and moxie of Teddy!  Not sure how popular he'd be today, but I would not only vote for him but contribute my time and money to his election efforts.

Thanks for the trip down memory lane.  Might have to go get that book at the library again...

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I'm sure the tree huggers of

I'm sure the tree huggers of today would hate him.  frown

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PETA Should Give Thanks

As should the Humane Society, the Sierra Club and other so called "environmental" organizations.  It was people like Rossevelt, Aldo Leupold and other conservationists, hunters all, who saved our wildlife populations from total destruction.

Still hunting may not be (usually isn't) the most efficient method of hunting but I agree that it's almost always the most enjoyable.  I think it would be the one thing I would miss most if I moved to the midwest or east where hunting areas seem to be defined in square acres instead of square miles as it is in this part of the world.

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out here in kansas, you sit and wait. no matter what your hunting abilities, you just have to settle on the fact that you might not be able to close the deal.


it bothers the crap out of me! i have some property now, i'm thinking about starting a small herd of elk. at least i can see something worth killing every day!

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Very nice post!  Old Teddy

Very nice post!  Old Teddy knew what he was talking about!  I actually really like the idea of still hunting, but I have to be honest, I suck at it lol.  I am very impatient, and cannot move nearly as slowly as required to be that type of hunter.  I have never really had anyone to teach me, per se, but I would love to go on an elk hunt where I was with a partner that knew what he was doing.  It would be a great experience.  Still hunting to me, has mainly been back east where you are going through some of the thickest stuff imaginable, trying to catch sight of an eartip, or antler, or whatever.  Very much different that the big mountains of the west.

Thanks for the quote.

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Not really. Other than my dad

Not really. Other than my dad teaching me still hunting. He gave me a book in the 50's to further my education. I still have it, and read it now and then.

The Still Hunter by Theodore S. Van Dyke. copywright 1904

It still apply's to hunting today. Teddy praises the book. You can still buy new versions at Amazon.

Here's the part that should interest you. Van Dyke did the majority of his hunting in San Diego. Yes

Still hunting works everywhere. Even open ground if you're good at it. You hunt like a predator. Which is what we are to an elk.

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  Having come from the


Having come from the mid-west and finally getting smart and moving to Colorado I first had a very hard time with still hunting... but not anymore.  This year I was able to really learn how to still hunt.  I now appreciate and enjoy it and would most likely use it if/when I do any more hunting back east.  So from what I have learned and accomplished it has made a believer out of me.  I have yet to read the highlighted book but may do so someday - if it isn't hunting season... maybe during a fishing trip?!?!


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