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Step-Dad's Idaho Moose

My Step-dad just fulfilled his Idaho Moose tag. He was lucky enough to draw the Island Park area where we used to live. If any of you know this area it is a haven for moose. They give 9 tags out each year for the area and he got lucky. He had been up 3 times before this time and finally found the one for him on this last trip. They heard it grunt in the trees and called it in by grunting and rubbing branches on trees to about 50 yards in denser cover until they finally got a good view and shot. It is a beauty, and one to remember. His antlers spread about 49 1/2" and is a good inch and half larger than my dad's moose shot when I was 11. Quite literally, a hunt of a lifetime.

I figure its about my time to draw one of these for the following reasons. My dad hit one in his trooper when I was about 5 fishing outside Yellowstone - totaled his car and gave him 250 stitches in his face. My mother hit one outside of Island park while living there - totaled car, but avoided hurting her seriously. My dad shot one a couple years after hitting the one in his car at 48" spread. And now, my step-dad has got his after living for years with them in his front yard. Either I'm gonna draw a tag or I'm gonna hit one in a car, let's hope for the former. 


Moose 2

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That's a great looking

That's a great looking moose.  Gongrats to your F-in-law on a great hunt and a great animal!!!

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First of all, Welcome to

First of all, Welcome to BGH!! Thats a fine looking moose for sure. congrats to your step-dad for his sucess. lets just hope you u and your folks dont hit anymore with your car(s). that could get pretty spendy. Hopefully you will draw out soon and post your own story, thanks for sharing and good luck with your future hunts.

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Nice Moose!

That there is a dandy moose! Congrats to your father in law for me.

 Yes - I hope you get a tag and get one with your rifle and just skip hitting one with your car altogether! Yes

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Wow, it sounds like your

Wow, it sounds like your family is quite the group of moose killers... with vehicles just as much as rifles lol . You got to do what you got to do I guess. That is a great moose. Congratulations to him on nailing that whopper; and even getting the tag in the first place. I think I am going to draw my moose tag next year. I just have a hunch. Yeah right... I'm daydreaming out loud. Sorry guys. Enjoy that moose meat. I have heard that moose ribs are amazing. Give them a try and let us know how it turns out.

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Awsome moose. Is that a

Awsome moose. Is that a little velvet still on the antlers? Also sound like you have some good luck running in your family, so hopefully you will beable to draw a tag. I could not imagine hitting one of those things with any vehicle. Good luck

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