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Start of the Rut???

I live in Northern Michigan. In the town there are a herd of elk in a large pen of many acres near my work. In the last two days they have really started bugling. I assume that this may coincide with them beginning to rut. If this is the case what are the odds that the same thing is happening in Colorado right now? I fly out friday to hunt on Saturday. It would be nice if they are bugling. How much do local conditions and areas affect the rut. Is the rut more influenced by global changes (length of day, temperature, altitude etc.)? Or by local conditions? I am hunting near Carbondale at about 7600 ft. Thanks again for any input.

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Start of the Rut???

I'm getting in on this late, but basically it works like this. The grand elk boo-pah in the sky bugles like a mad man and says in an booming elkish way "all my creation now begin rutting like the wild beasts you are and honor me". Thus they make lots 'o love, fight like drunken bastards, and the next generation comes into existence.

Just funnin' with you. Local conditions have everything to do with the rut, and I suspect you won't hear a peep from the bulls at this time. The elk typically rut in september with just a hair into october depending on elevation. 7600 ft? I highly doubt it. Try the archery or muzzleloader season if you want to hunt bugling bulls.

Good luck anyway and hope you made out well.

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