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Stable shooting position

How do you stablize to make an accurate shot on antelope (and hence, possibly a long shot)? Do you use some sort of a rest such as a back pack or rolled up jacket? Do you use a collapsing bipod? Do you just sit and hold your gun? What effect does the wind have on your shooting position stability? I'm going to Wyoming and have heard the wind blows 20 - 30 MPH most of the time. Are there any tricks or techniques that can improve shooting stability?

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stable shooting position

i use a bi pod from stoney point. it is just perfect for me. they make a tri pod and one with four legs also, those would be more stable than mine.. it takes me about 5 seconds to get mine extended out to make the shot. if i had to make a quicker shot than i would have to use an alternative method.. that is whatever works for you.. here is a website that you can go to and check out ballistics on your gun with wind if ya want, it is very interesting to see what happens to your bullet with a 20 or 30 mph wind.. click on "ballistics calculator" when you get to the page..


good luck

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Stable shooting position

I carry a small back pack or hip pack I can rest the stock on and wear a hat that I can lay on a branch.
I've used the Harris bipod but, for me it's extra weight I don't want on the rifle and not as fast or as manueverable as setting up on the pack.

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Stable shooting position

I have a bipod with a swivel mount on my rifle and I dont hunt without it.There are alwaysgoing to be certian situations where you couldnt use a bipod but I swear by them and I feel much more confident making shots at any distance when I have the rifle supported and i know its not going to slip,I would recommend them to anyone who hunts from the ground in open country.

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Stable shooting position

Definitely get a swivel bipod and don't cop out. Pay the extra twenty bucks and get a decent one. Also make sure it is large enough that you can shoot sitting. A sitting shot is very stable especially when using a bipod. Furthermore you will probably be hunting in sage brush and a prone shot is unlikely. As far as wind goes, KNOW YOUR RIFLE! Too many people just buy a gun and try to shoot things. Practice shooting in the wind. Also check out a ballistics chart. If you haven't bought a rifle yet, be sure to get one that shoots flat and fast. I love my .270 for anything in the west and if you load it light you have a great fast antelope gun.

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Stable shooting position

Yes I use 1/2 in. wooden dowels 36in. long. I tie a knot around them and I have a free range of motion and quick set up. I just used them on an antelope hunt.