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Squirrel Tips for the beginner to expert hunter

I have been squirrel hunting for a while and have a few tips i think could help you guys out to bag more squirrels.

-Whenever hunting with a partner and a squirel circles a tree post one hunter on the side were the squirel isnt then have the other walk around the tree this auses the squirel to circle back giving the other hunter a shot

-if a squirel starts moving in a tree thats out of range walk towards the tree you have nothing to lose and most of the time that squirel is not gonna go ne where

-always aim more for the head than the back part of the body his helps make sure of a clean shot not at its tail the squirells tail hardly effects thje squireel
i hope these tips help you get ore squirels

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Squirrel Tips for the beginner to expert hunter

Thanks Racer...... Thumbs up

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