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Springfield Armory XD

I was thinking of getting a Springfield Armory XD. Just wondered if anyone had any suggestions for calibers. I have always shot a 9mm. Whats everyone think about the .40 S&W or the new .45 GAP and what do you think about the XD series in general. I have also been trying to deicde between the 3" or 4" (the 45 GAP is only 4" and 5")

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Springfield Armory XD

I would go with the .40 cal I just purchased a glock 27 in .40cal. I have found that the 9mm and 40 are the two calibers with the most ammo choices.

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Springfield Armory XD

9mm and 40 S&W perform about the same and more importantly, choice of bullet for self defense is far more important than choice of caliber. Ahead of that is shot placement.

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Example of the top three 9mm SD loads to consider:

* Double Tap 9mm 147-gr. Gold Dot JHP @ 1,135 fps in a Glock 17 is well under SAMMI specs (only 200 psi over standard ammo pressures) using specially blended cooler burning powders not commercially available. This load achieves 150 more fps than their competitors because the powder produces a large smooth pressure curve for high velocity speeds to buildup under (unlike the spike pressures of +P ammo).

* Winchester Ranger T (Talans) in 147-gr. +P at 990 fps (Glock 19) consistently achieve about 15" penetration and almost 3/4" expansion in clothed gelatin tests. This load also outperforms many 357 Sig and 45 Auto loads as well, but not all.


* Golden Saber 147-gr.

Nothin' else out there on the market beats the top 3 as far as self defense is concerned, using penetration and expansion in denim covered gelatin as a guide.