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Spring Came to My Backyard Today!

It's been coming - I could see the unmistakable signs. The snow was all melted except for the remnants of a few of the larger piles and underneath the low-hanging branches of my spruce tree. The disc of ice that has covered my swimming pool all Winter had turned gray and developed a hole in the middle. Yesterday the afternoon temperature on my deck was 67 degrees - in the shade. It smelled like Spring yesterday, but it wasn't until this morning that Spring came to my backyard.

Twenty minutes before my alarm was to go off, I was awakened by the sound of sparrows singing in the bush outside my bedroom window. It happens every year. It wasn't quite light yet, but they were awake and singing their little hearts out until it was fully light. They will continue to do that - and it will begin earlier each morning until by early Summer they will start singing at 5:30 and I will wish they would go somewhere else.

I know that the calendar says Spring doesn't arrive until tomorrow. Doesn't matter. Spring came to my backyard today. Yes

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That's the way it looked here

That's the way it looked here a few days ago, even broke 65 degrees. But winter came back yesterday afternoon and started snowing again. I shoveled 3 inches last night at 9:30 and got up and shoveled about 3 more this morning. The sun is shining now though and the snow can never last long at this time of year.

Hopefully it will melt fast enough to save some of the game animals we have been reading about in some of those harder hit states.

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Birds singing in the morning ?

Birds singing in the morning ?  I think I had forgotten that it existed, it has been so long since I have heard the song birds.  It sounds like you are a few weeks ahead of us.  I am just starting to see bare ground peak through the snow in sunny spots, but the return of the birds are already signaling spring to me.  The Canadian geese are winging their way north  and stopping to feed in fields that have lost some of their snow.  The wet ground is pretty much snow free as it has been melted form underneath by the water running from everything that thaws.  It makes me happy to see the geese and brings to mind fall goose hunting – I saw a tom turkey with a handful of hens in a cut corn field yesterday.  The snow had melted enough that the corn stubble was sticking through the snow and I suppose an odd ear of corn might be peaking through the slush too.  So the big birds are here, and the little birds will soon follow. 

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Well maybe, there were a pair

Well maybe, there were a pair of eagles in the cottonwood at the edge of the yard,guess they are getting ready to set up house keeping.That, and the redpolls started showing up, even they left this year.


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