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Spot and Stalk

I found that there is public land in Kentucky, Dale Hollow Lake WMA and Big South Fork National Park, that has some wild pigs. You are not allowed to bait them or hunt with dogs but I figure I'm going to give it a shot after the first of the year. Does anybody have any tips on the best way to find them? I figured I would get me a map of the area and then just try to spot and stalk. Any particular areas that they like, morning/mid-day/evening? Any tips are appreciated. I might be getting ahead of myself but do you field dress them like a deer? Thanks in advance for advice.

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Spot and Stalk

Is there a lot of hunting preasure in the areas that you want to hunt (especially hog hunting pressure)? If there is they will probably be nocturnal and move alot at night, which is great if you are allowed to night hunt. I found the best place to look for hog sign is to check the lowland river bottoms especially any areas close to food like hardwoods or fields. They seem to like being close to the water and in very thick cover. Thenice thing about hunting hogs is they let you know when they are coming. Unlike deer they make alot of noise when they are grouped up. There is a good web site that has a lot of usefule info for new hog hunters that I would advise checking out. It is http://www.texasboars.com
It has info on locating, vitals, and game care. Thumbs up

Good luck and shoot well!

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