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Specials on Turkey, Bears, Whitetails and more

With the economy down, a number of our outfitters are offering specials, that we would like to pass along to you. As with all of our offerings, we have hunted with, inspected, and approved each of these outfitters. All offer great hunts. Let me know if you would like any details on any of these or any other trip with our 300 outfitters.

Merriam’s Turkey in NebraskaWe have lots of turkeys this year and we NEED more hunters! Open dates are April 18-20, 24-26 & May 8-10, 22-24 & 29-31. We have some of the best Merriam turkey hunts available! We have a large turkey population and they have been virtually un-hunted for many years. This is your chance to bag a big tom. Hunts include meals, lodging, guiding and transportation during the hunt. We are offering a March Madness sale taking 20% off of our price $1000, lowering the rate to $800.

Moose in ManitobaWe have consistently put together one of the Top Moose hunting packages in Canada, our success rate over the past 10 years is by far, tops in the industry. We currently find, due to the world economic circumstances, we have had some recent cancellations and now find we have 6 Moose hunts available for 2009 season. The dates available are as follows:
September 19 to 26 1 Hunter
September 26 to Oct 3 5 Hunters
The rates for this hunt are $8500 with 1x1 guiding, lodging, meals, and everything else needed to provide you with a great moose hunt.

Black Bears in SaskatchewanThis is hunting in northeastern Saskatchewan at its finest! Your stay includes you accommodations in one of our cabins, meals at camp as well as packed lunches, 2x1 guide service, reliable 4x4’s and ATV’s to get to and from your stand, baited and natural stand sites and field dressing and skinning. I am offering spring bear hunts for $1800.00 this year, saving your $700 off our regular rate of $2500. There is also some great fishing that can be done close to camp for extra incentive to come here. Includes cabin accommodations, meals at camp as well as packed lunches, 2x1 guide service, reliable 4x4’s and ATV’s to get to and from your stand, baited and natural stand sites and field dressing and skinning.

Muzzleloader Whitetail in Kansas Kansas is now known as the top producer of trophy whitetail. Kansas is seeing huge increases in the number of entries in Boone & Crockett and Pope & Young record books, placing it as the top state to take a trophy. Our private land offers you the opportunity to bag one of these elusive giants. We are discounting our Muzzleloader hunts for this coming season. Dates September 21-26 and September 28 – October 4. Hunt: includes 6 Full Days, Lodging, Meals, Transportation in the Field, with 2:1 Hunter/Guide Ratio. Discounted rate of $2,800, (from $3500 regular rates).

Pike, Smallmouth, and Walleye Fishing in ManitobaJump into July! FISHING AT ITS BEST! DATES: JUNE 29, 2009 - JULY 30, Enjoy the best of July, the fishing, weather, and accommodations. “You can have it all”. Your American plan 5 day/6 night package is all inclusive with guide services and transportation from our pick up point. Also enjoy a $1000 savings based on a minimum group of 4 people. -Package price of $2245 per person is now reduced to $1995 (taxes extra).

Moose, Black Bear and Woodland Caribou in NewfoundlandWe want to provide the best hunt possible at a price hunters can afford. We are Newfoundland’s # 1 Destination for Big Game hunting for Eastern Canadian Moose,Black Bear and Woodland Caribou. We are offering great savings for the month of March on all remaining 2009 hunts. There are some great deals to be had here. The rules are before the last day of March while hunts are still available for 2009 and:
· We will discount your hunt by 10% excluding tags and tax on 1x1 hunt.
· Book 2x1 hunt and save an extra $400.00.
· Non-Residents save 50% of the taxes!
· We will match the price of any other outfitter in Newfoundland on a hunt that offers the same as we do.
6 day Spring Black Bear hunt (Single Tag) ----------------------- $3,000
6 Day Spring Black Bear hunt (Double Tag) ----------------------$4,500
Trophy 10 day Spring Black Bear hunt (single tag) --------------$4,500
Trophy 10 day Spring Black Bear hunt (double tag) ------------ $5,995
Fall Black Bear (same as above)

6 Day Trophy Woodland Caribou Hunt -----------------------------$6,500
10 Day Trophy Woodland Caribou Hunt----------------------------$9,000
6 Day Trophy Eastern Canadian Moose Hunt ----------------------$4,000
10 Day Trophy Eastern Canadian Moose Hunt---------------------$6,500
6 Day Moose & Black Bear Combo------------------------------------$5,500
6 DAY Moose/Caribou combo------------------------------------------$9,000
10 day Moose/Caribou Combo------------------------------------------$11,500
10 Day Trophy Eastern Canadian Moose Hunt----------------------$6,500
Remember to take 10% off of any of these trips to calculate your cost! So what are you waiting for?

Boat Based Black Bear in British ColumbiaA few last minute cancellations have opened up some absolutely prime Black Bear dates for groups of 2 to 4 hunters. Our loss is your gain as you can save up to $1500 on these $6500 hunts! That will cover your transportation, tags and tax!

These are fully guided 100% spot stalk Trophy Black Bear hunts. SCI Island Bear and North American Black bear available on the same in hunt black and brown color phase! Our exclusive guide area on the interior of the Inside Passage is comprised of over 8,000 square miles of prime bear habitat. You'll enjoy deluxe meals and accommodations aboard the Estero, our 60ft yacht. Hunting is conducted from skiffs and Suburbans, making this hunt well suited to hunters of all ages and abilities. This is also a 2 bear area, so hunters can purchase an additional tag and harvest a 2nd bear for a discounted trophy fee of $2500.
Available Dates:
May 14-18
May 28-June 1
June 4-8
June 11-15
We also have space for some late June and July Salmon fishing cruises.
Cancellation Special!
2 hunters @ $5500 each
4 hunters @ $5000 each

Brown Bear in RussiaFor those hunters still interested in wanting a Russian Bear (Ursus Arctos bearingianus) we have 3 Permits that have become available in one of our premier areas. Bear hunters of previous years call Kamchatha a bear paradise for good reason, as Kamchatka has the biggest concentration of Brown Bears in the world. My associate, Chris Nash from Australia, has worked hard to establish a professionally organized and well equipped hunting operation in Kamchatka. The people we work with there have the knowledge, the personality and the professionalism to provide a 1st class hunt and international experience. Brown Bear can also be hunted in the fall, such as a combination hunt with Kamchatka Bighorn. That hunt will start on August 20 and will last for 14 days (only hunt). The hunt will be conducted with military ATV (track type). For Bighorn a hunter and a guide will take a small tent and will fly camp. The main trophy in this combination hunt is Bighorn as Bears can be seen in the areas where sheep inhabit, they you hunt sheep first, but if weather is a factor Bears also live in the lower elevations.

2009 Kamchatka Spring Brown Bear Price List & Information
Hunting Season: Spring 2009: April 25th - May 25th

Duration: Hunting program is for 12 days, 10 hunting days, plus two days of travel to/from camp, plus flying time

Additional Guide Option: A US, Canadian or Australian Guide/Personal Escort is available. This special service is not included in the pricing.

Price: 1 Bear X 1 hunter = $14,600 USD
$12,100 base plus $2,500 harvest fee

Other animals available: Second Brown Bear $7,000, Wolverine $500 USD, Lynx and bird hunting

Brown Bear in AlaskaOur outfitter just received brown bear permits for his exclusive concession in Prince William Sound. This is a comfortable, yacht based hunt, 1x1 with 2 hunters, 2 guides and 1 full-time cook on the boat. Physically it is not hard because like our black bear hunts, we spend most of the day cruising and glassing from our custom-build aluminum bear hunting skiffs. The Island we will hunt has not been hunted by a registered guide in 7 years, so it has a stockpile of big, mature boars. We will have the first crack at these bears. The dates will be May 17th-26th 2009. Because we received these permits relatively late in the year we will sell these first 2 spots only at a very reasonable $14,000. You will not find a better hunting ground or more dedicated crew anywhere.

Whitetail Bucks in SaskatchewanThis camp was started in 1999. The whitetail area consists of around 275,000 acres and the bear around 250,000 acres. Thirty five deer hunters and 31 bear hunters are all that use the camp in a year. The area consists of forest, rivers, lakes, meadows, flood plains, hydro dams and logged over areas which provides excellent habitat for both species.

We have all different kinds of stands to accommodate hunters of all ages. Baiting is allowed in Saskatchewan and we have most of our stands over baits. However, if you do not like to hunt over baits we can accommodate you as well. We are located on the east side of the province of Saskatchewan bordering Manitoba. We hunt in October with muzzle loaders, November and the start of December with rifle, bow hunters also welcome.

The camp consists of 2 remote cabins, 1 is the kitchen eating area and guide quarters and the other is for the hunters to sleep in. There is running water and indoor plumbing, power is provided with a diesel generator.

We have 8 whitetail deer hunts open from November 16-21, 2009. We are discounting these hunts $1,000! So the hunt price is $2,500 per person, off from $3500. Don’t miss out on this great deal for a shot at a great Canadian monster buck!

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