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Spain to sell military planes, boats to Venezuela

Spain to sell military planes, boats to Venezuela

I thought the point about 100k AK-47's being purchased was interesting. I have no idea how many AK-47's (semi auto only) there are in U.S. civilian hands, but I suspect it is probably more than this purchase alone.

I consider china's military build up and cooperation w/ russia to be far more significant than chavez. Chavez is something like fidel w/ oil. Bad ideas, big mouth, but w/ money to blow.

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Spain to sell military planes, boats to Venezuela

I agree about the Chinese threat, but Chavez could easily pose a threat. We get more oil from Venezuela (our #2 importer) than we do from Saudi Arabia. Venezuela has traditionally been US-friendly, and there's longstanding bad blood between it and Colombia. Chavez could very easily become a destabilizing force in the region and affect our strategic interests. The one mitigating factor is that petroleum constitutes 80 percent of Venezuela's nervous economy. Chavez' political position has been somewhat shaky, and is grounded in grass-roots support among the lower classes. Despite his attempts to divert politics through anti-US bluster, he knows (or should know at least) that using oil as a weapon would destroy his economy and constitute political suicide.

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