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Southeast idaho introduction with pictures

Hello everyone,


I have been a member of the forum for a while now but since I just recently moved from North Idaho to the Soda Springs area I thought it would be appropriate to post an introduction.  I have actually lived in most parts of the state at one time or another including Pocatello between the ages 12 and 15.  Back then we hunted the southern portion of unit 76 where I killed a doe and a small 4 pt before we moved north.  Up north I hunted a lot of whitetails, elk and bear but now I am excited to go after mulies again after 12 yrs away.  I am now nearing 30 yrs of age and I feel like a newcomer to the area.  I’ll be looking for places to hunt deer, elk and bear and I’ll be putting in for pronghorn for the first time.


I consider myself a meat hunter although a few decent bucks have crossed my path along the way.  Right now I’m looking for a place to do spring bear and with the season already underway I am running behind getting my bait sites out.  If you know where I might find some bears and you’re willing to share the information I would appreciate it.


I’m the type of guy who doesn’t look for access to private land, I prefer to hoof it a few miles into the mountains to try and get away from other hunters but I don’t have a problem with sharing the space if I do run into you out there.


The pictures are my bear from a few years ago, my biggest buck a 5pt 22 inch whitetail, and a spike buck I got with my muzzleloader.  You can see my latest elk in my profile picture.


Bear 10 (9).JPG
Bear 10 (9).JPG133.04 KB
2011 buck (8).JPG
2011 buck (8).JPG1.02 MB
spike '11 (2).JPG
spike '11 (2).JPG1.53 MB
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welcome to BGH

Great stuff, stick around.  We don't have a lot of Idaho guys on here, yet we seem to get a lot of questions about hunting there.

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Welcome to BGH!

Welcome to BGH!

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Welcome to the forum!  Some

Welcome to the forum!  Some good photos there.  Look forward to some more photos and stories this fall!

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