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South Carolina Whitetail deer and Hog Hunt

I am the head member of a group of hunters who hunt at a club in low country South Carolina. There are 7 hunters in camp and we have a 4 day hunt starting 10/31 afternoon hunt and ending 11/4 morning hunt. The plantation is about 28000 acres and there are about 120 different stands we hunt from.

There are two hunts a day and included in the price ($1750) is lodging and all meals. The bag limit is as follows: unlimited hogs, 3 does, one buck with a spread of 16" or greater (a second if you take on 16"or greater however the 2nd buck also has to be 16").

You will be taken out to your stand and picked up for each of the two hunts which are about 5am to 10am and 3pm to 7pm. You will be hunting from mostly tower stand however there are several leaners.

This is a great time to hunt as it is during the rut and this year it fall during the new moon phase. Let me know if you are interested and I will provide further details.

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