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South Africa ???

I am in the beginning stage of planning a trip to Africa for my wife (non-hunter) and myself... I have not yet decided on choice of weapon/s (bow or rifle or both). I have been looking at web sites for South Africa safaris and have some questions. It seems like a lot of the outfitters hunt several thousand acres... and may be referred to as "game farms"... Are these fenced properties ? Are the game animals wild bred and raised ?
If I was to bowhunt should I look for strictly waterhole hunts from blinds (hides) or should I consider spot and stalk with a bow ?

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Re: South Africa ???

Ghostbird, your choice of weapon(s) will be determined by the species of animals that you wish to hunt. For ordinary plainsgame a rifle in the .30 or 7mm caliber will be perfect. If you wanted to hunt dangerous game the minimum caliber by SA law is a .375. You'd be more than welcome to bring your bow as well as firearms but you should let your outfitter know in advance how you wish to hunt as some hunting areas are better suited and have designated areas specifically for bow hunting. Remember that a maximum of four hunting rifles / handguns may be brought into the country to hunt with.

Yes, hunting areas are often referred to as "game farms" and these areas could be thousands of acres in size but usually these areas are made up of several hunting "concessions" or areas. Hunting is not allowed on public land in SA and therefore hunting is mostly conducted on fenced-in properties. These properties would typically range between 2,500 acres and 250,000 acres. For the most part, animals are wild bred and raised on the properties but it is important to choose your outfitter carefully as (like in all other businesses) there are a few unethical ones amongst them.

Some landowners won't allow hunting at waterholes but many have hides specifically designed and strategically placed for bow hunting. Again, this is something you should clear in advance with the outfitter that you select.

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Zander Osmers Safaris

Hallo Everyone we are new to the forum and would like to introduce our comany to you.

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