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The Sounds of September (feature article)

July 2010 Feature Article:

Elk Hunting: The Sounds of September

Anyone who has ever listened to an elk bugle rise from the bowels of dark timber and ascend toward the painful blue of a Rocky Mountain sky knows that there is no call on this earth more captivating than that of a bull elk. So captivating is the bugle that inexperienced elk hunters can, and do, forget that the bugle is but one piece in the puzzle of hunting elk during the rut. Successfully calling elk requires a genuine understanding of the elk rut, knowledge of all the vocalizations made by elk during the rut and a comprehension of the "other sounds" that elk produce during the rut as a result of preparing to court and breed. Read more...

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Good article.  Only been elk

Good article.  Only been elk hunting once, and never got to hear a bugle, but I can't wait for the day I do.  They say it's bone-chilling......

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great article, good read

great article, good read

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Great article but it's hurts

Great article but it's hurts to read b/c I can't go chase elk this year during the rut. Good read, though.

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