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some hunting pics

here's a few pics from the last couple years. The black bear was in the daily news miner last summer. It was a shade over 8' from nose to tail. skull measured 20 15/16" officially for safari club. they said it was the biggest black known to have been killed in the interior since 1966. they thought he was about 20..which was older than me at the time. his ears were all shredded from fighting. anyway, enjoy the pics.

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some hunting pics

That's a huge bear!

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some hunting pics

Big smile I see from the net, the Alaska state bird is still not extinct! Laugh

That is a good bear! Spot & stalk, or bait?

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some hunting pics

Trust me -- the blood on his hands ain't from the bear. It's because they're exposed to the mosquitos. Up here Wal-Mart devotes an entire aisle to mosquito control. Thankfully we just had a freeze (yes, in June), so hopefully some of the little buggers died.

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some hunting pics

Thumbs up Thumbs up

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some hunting pics

VERY NICE BEAR! Thumbs up Hopefully I see his brother in a week or two thanks for sharing tyler keep em comming man I enjoyed.

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Thats a fantastic bear! I'd

Thats a fantastic bear! I'd love to bag a bruin, but tod ate I have let two walk away because they just didn't look big enough.  Yours is definitely big enough to be proud of!  What a rug he would make!

Did you have any taxidermy done?  If so what mount? Who did you have do it?  Did they send the hide out to someone else? Were you satisfied with the work?

Thanks for sharing the pics and the inspiration!


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Holy crap, that is a heck of

Holy crap, that is a heck of a bear. Eight feet from nose to tail? That is insane. Congratulations to you for taking such a giant! Do you have any idea how much that darn thing would weigh? Was his hide rubbed in any places. If not, you definitely hit it big because a hide that big without any rubs is pretty darn hard to come by. A twenty year old bear is pretty darn ancient for up there. We have bears down here that will make it to that age fairly often but bears up there are living a slightly harder life... especially in the interior. How did his teeth look? Most of the bears that old that I have inspected from down here have atleast one broken canine and their incisors are normally in pretty bad shape too.

I would also be very interested in how your taxidermy turned out. Tell me you atleast got a rug made!? I am not so sure that this bear does not merit a life size mount! Once again, good work and congratulations.

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Really Nice!

Wow! Can you say, "BIG BEAR"?

That's a dandy.

Yes, I was also going to comment on the head net, but I didn't know the blood on your hands was from those rascals!

Man, you must really have them bad!

I hate the black flies up in Canada in the Spring. They just love me ('cause I'm so sweet, of course).

They bore those little holes in me and I just start running blood all over. Then I get all welted up and . . well, it isn't a pretty sight.

Several years ago I went walleye fishing up there with my son and we wore headnets, wool socks outside our jeans with duct tape around the tops of them. We also wore thin glove liners that were taped.

We did pretty good that time, only gave a quart of blood instead of the usual gallon. Big smile

Thanks for the great pictures, and congrats on your nice bear!


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